This is a question that I get a lot from my clients, and the answer is technically that it won’t be used against you in a divorce. As long as your dating did not prevent reconciliation between you and your spouse and that you began dating after the state of bona fide separation with your spouse occurred. Practically speaking, there may be real implications in regard to issues of child custody, and dating may infuriate your spouse and make it more difficult to settle the case. Also, it is usually harmful to the case if you spend lots of money dating. If you do decide to date, do not spend money on doing so.  A host of issues may also arise on a practical basis. It’s best to discuss this issue with your attorney first. Legally speaking, however, it will not be held against you as adultery and will usually be irrelevant in regard to the division of assets, division of debts, alimony, etc.  My bottom line advice is to wait and to not date until your divorce is final.